Learn English with Hangman

As of now I am studying programming in school — the second grade of upper-secondary school. This Hangman project is one of the assignments I completed. And, as with most projects I start, lagom (Swedish meaning "just about right") is never enough. So I went overboard, straight down into sea and explored a few depths of it and this is what I ended up with. A native HTML, CSS, and JavaScript application/website of Hangman, both in its classical form and with a high score mode using randomized words.

The goal with the game is, first and foremost — as everything should be, to have fun.

Any bugs you might stumble upon I thank you for informing me about.

I hope you enjoy the game. In the future there will (probably) be further updates and additions to it — as of now I already have a few ideas of what could be added. If you have any ideas on what could be added or what you would enjoy, please tell me about it!


Thank you!