About Me

Hello there, my name is Viktor Aronsson. I've had a fascination for stories all my life — as most of us have. Born, raised, and currently living in Sweden, I am now 19 years of age, writes with a burning love for the way words make images come to life in the human mind and bring magic into the ordinary world. I describe writing as a way of dreaming my life away while I write it down and save it. As I send stories to publishers in both English and Swedish, I publishes a wide range of different stories on my blog where they are available to anyone.

Published in:

  • Ordförande Nr 2, Hösten / Autumn 2017, Swedish, Krigets slut / The End of the War Ordförande is a fanzine edited by students at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University whose goal is to showcase work by students at the department.

  • Ponton Nr 3, 2017, Swedish, Varje människa är ett universum / Every Human is a Universe Ponton is a magazine publishing fiction, essays, poetry, photography, and art by teenagers and young adults in Sweden.

I love writing. I love reading. I love being alive. There are a lot of things that I love. I love art, my friends, my family. Love I hope will be the central part of my life. (And I love discussing subjects that really matters like social issues, politics, philosophy and religion, etc.)

So, yes, I love writing. I love the way words take their shape, form pictures in mine and your mind; burning of fire and heat one second and cooling, almost freezing, of ice and snow the next. I find it magical, and I love magic too. And stories that are heart-shattering, heart-mending, and heart-warming at the same time. The three hearts as I call them.

The moment I know I fell in love with writing was during the fall of 2015 now when looking back. Before that I am not quite sure. I wrote some the year before that, but nothing of love and passion. However, I do remember writing on my old iPod Touch when I was maybe eight. During that time I played a game called The Legend of Zelda on a Nintendo Wii. And I remember writing in the regular app Notes on my iPod a similar story to the one of Link, the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda who is out to save the princess who's name is Zelda. But instead his name was Alexander and I was him. Now when I think back to it I remember how much I lived into that character. I wrote that little story as a way of being even more dwelled into that world of the game. Wow. A thunderstorm of magical might just fell over me, like a flash back. But I can feel the same joy and love of how I lived myself into that character then. Perhaps that was when my love for writing ignited, and until the fall of 2015 me and my love called writing had a casual relationship.

Curiosity have always been something that I've held dear. And, as I mentioned in one of my essays, I am glad to have that curiosity with me today and hope to have it throughout my life.

I love knowing how things work. I remember when I was little I dug in old electronics and gadgets; printers and such that my father had thrown out. I would unscrew all screws and, not so much see how it worked, but see how things connected; what it was that made this magical machine work.

Just the other week, I actually asked my parents if I could unscrew an old DVD-player we had. But apperently we needed it.

But yes, I am a curious human being, and I wish more people would be. For it is this curiosity that makes us human; wondering, thinking, and trying humans. We try to figure things out — that why and how we have come this far and still wish to go further. Without this curiosity, we would still be monkey’s swinging in trees and, at its best, hitting each other with at least pointy sticks if not stubby.

I also have a lot of interests and have tried a lot of different things; especially in art. I’ve studied graphic design on my own through a couple of books and then freelanced a bit, when I was little I had a sparking interests about nature — in particular insects, I’ve photographed a bunch and still do, I’ve animated, and programmed which I too still do.

All of this can be summarize in one single word; curiosity. And perhaps a love for being alive.