A Book Review of 'The Art of Hearing Heart Beats'

When I bought ’The Art of Hearing Heartbeats’ I hadn’t read anything about it as a matter of fact. Well, except the title and some on the back of the book itself. I bought it only because it was #1 on the current top list.

I later discovered it was a romantic novel. This made me actually look forward to reading it, though I wasn’t expecting much from it to be honest.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

In a literal form ’The Art of Hearing Heartbeats’ is about a man. He has a wife and grown kids but one day he leaves them all, without trace. This may sound like the beginning of a cheesy detective story. But I guarantee you, it’s not. It is the beginning of an incredible love story.

His daughter follows the few traces he left behind four years later. She finds her way to Kalaw, in small town in Burma. There she meets a man, who knows everything about her and tells stories that will crush the readers heart, heal it, and fill it with love and hope, as you venture through the words of this, almost poetic, romantic novel about infinite love.

But if you look beyond the literal form of this book after reading, it becomes more than a generic romantic novel. It becomes a romantic piece of art. It may sounds a bit extreme. But in fact, the story is beautifully told with spellbinding twists.

The characters come to life on an incredible deep level of sympathy and emotion. The surroundings are described in a highly unique way, sometimes removing the visual sense and replacing it with something else, something greater, heartbeats.

As mentioned before, this book will break your heart, heal it, and fill it with love and hope. Not only this, it will give you insight, understanding, and a warm loving feeling that may as well change the way you look at love. And not just falling in love, but the lifelong connection true love brings with it.