The Other Side

Of all memories only few are engraved into our minds
of you
I remember your furry little nose
pushing my shoe in search for dried bread I put there some days
I remember how you ran around your fence as if the devil was after your tail
I remember how you crawled through your silly plastic tube
just to stick your head out the other side and then run back

the other side, what’s that?
all our memories exists only within our mind, do they exist on the other side?
I do hope so
but neither here nor there can you prove their physical existence
thus they are so fragile no matter of their existence
well, I don’t care if the other side exists.
I don’t care if I’ll see you there.
because I saw you here…
with my real eyes,
in real memories
stored in my real mind
I saw you
and when I’m gone I’ll find out if that other side exists
or maybe I won’t
but I will find out if you exists there

if so I will care
I will remember
and I will meet ALL my lost friends
including you
maybe just maybe, that was your message
with your running and crawling
sprinting and jumping
maybe you tried to tell me that there is the other side
just maybe

farewell Turbo, I’ll see you there