Photograph Singles

This is a post with single photographs. Since the page may contain up to hundreds of photographs, please keep in mind its heavy load.

SELF PORTRAIT — Fulufjället (8): The following day we were suppose to journey to our cabin out on the isolated mountain. But thunder hung on the sky and threatened our adventure. So, instead, after some discussion among ourselves we decided to head up to the waterfall, and also perhaps go fishing out at Rörsjöstugorna. The path went up through the forrest. And despite it being merely a day-journey, we packed one of the backpacks, my backpack, with some medical supplies, some food, water, and fishing gear.

RESTING ON THE BUS — Fulufjället (5): Once we had arrived to Mora in south west Sweden, a bus ride followed. I sat down at the bus terminal and with the cloth holding my hair up and the knowledge that my big pack was behind me where I sat on the floor, gave me a feeling of being a true traveller. Someone who stood out in the crowd; in contrast to those who took the bus to perhaps get home or get to work. We sat and stood there like three odd ones out. And I wonder what thoughts and ideas went through those around. We put our backpacks in the storage compartment beneath the bus and got on it and sat down in the far back. And the an hour and a half long bus ride down a fairly lonely road begun. At some point Daniel moved his head down like a ranch-owner and let the shadow from it cover his eyes as he rested. And I took this photograph. One of my favorites from the journey.

FIRST MAN WITH SECOND MAN'S HAT — Fulufjället (3): Once at the train station we unpacked our heavy bags out of the car trunk. And just before we put them on our backs and walked to the train with people eyeing us curiosuly, Nils Södernman (@rymdnisse), the first traveller, took Daniel's (@daniel.jutterstrom) cowboy-like hat, coal black in the sunlight, with only the edges flaring as the sun shone down. He put it on his head and smiled a held-back smile as I raised my camera.

FAREWELL HOME — Fulufjället (2): Soon we arrived in Stockholm, heading toward Stockholm Train Central where we then walked with our backpacks that felt like giants on our back; almost like the mountain we would hike on — at least compared to us humans. Sitting in the car I took this photograph and the more I look at it, the more I begin to love it. How the flags flutter in the soft wind against the wind. How the tower points up into the sky like a spire. And how the buildings reflect the late morning light in an idyllic manner.