In The Mountains:  Summer of 2016

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Photographs from this summer: Jämtland, Sweden.

Summer of 2016, post 1 of 3.

In the Mountains
From there my father came, to there I want to return.

The Lands I Dream Of. Tännforsen, Jämtland, Sweden

Home of the Workers. Åre, Jämtland, Sweden.

Path to Work. Åre, Jämtland, Sweden.

Speaking into the Void. Åre, Jämtland, Sweden.

At the Flood. Tännforsen, Jämtland, Sweden.

Begin the Wander. Tännforsen, Jämtland, Sweden.

Eyes. Tännforsen, Jämtland, Sverige.

Tännforsen. Tännforsen, Jämtland, Sverige.

Path Less Travelled. Tännforsen, Jämtland, Sverige. I see this path less travelled. With grasses reaching up, stretching their newborn arms for the sky, and I remember the cars rushing for the city. I would rather walk this empty road, with your hand in mine.

The Sea Beneath the Mountains. Tännforsen, Jämtland, Sverige.

Hidden Beyond Firs. Tännforsen, Jämtland, Sverige.

Viktor Aronsson

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Stockholm, Sweden

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